Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Principal activities and organization

Principal activities and organization
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2016
Organization and basis of presentation [Abstract]  
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Principal activities and organization
The consolidated financial statements include the financial statements of Highpower International, Inc. ("Highpower") and its 100%-owned subsidiary Hong Kong Highpower Technology Company Limited (“HKHTC”), HKHTC’s wholly-owned subsidiaries Shenzhen Highpower Technology Company Limited (“SZ Highpower”), and Icon Energy System Company Limited (“ICON”), SZ Highpower’s wholly owned subsidiary Huizhou Highpower Technology Company Limited (“HZ HTC”) and its 70%-owned subsidiary Ganzhou Highpower Technology Company Limited (“GZ Highpower”) and SZ Highpower’s and HKHTC’s jointly owned subsidiary, Springpower Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited (“SZ Springpower”). Highpower and its direct and indirect wholly and majority owned subsidiaries are collectively referred to as the "Company".
Highpower was incorporated in the State of Delaware on January 3, 2006. HKHTC was incorporated in Hong Kong on July 4, 2003. All other subsidiaries are incorporated in the People’s Republic of China ("PRC").
Highpower Energy Technology (Huizhou) Company Limited ("HZ Highpower") which was formed by HKHTC in 2008, was dissolved in September 2015. The subsidiary did not commence operation since establishment.
The Company’s principal activities are described as follows:
Place and date
Name of company
Principal activities
Hong Kong
Investment holding and marketing of batteries
July 4, 2003
SZ Highpower
Manufacturing, marketing and research of Ni-MH batteries
October 8, 2002
SZ Springpower
Manufacturing, marketing and research of lithium batteries
June 4, 2008
GZ Highpower
Processing, marketing and research of battery materials
September 21, 2010 
Design and production of advanced battery packs and systems
February 23, 2011 
Manufacturing, marketing and research of lithium batteries
March 8, 2012